When the happiness of love comes, it's like a great deal of pressure; when the responsibility of love comes, it will never change until death. But you, while declaring love, attach the premise of "not to make the other party feel heavy and pressure". So, in your eyes, love is just romantic and lingering? Just the surging and expression of passion? Just go your own way and excuse? Just a game of irresponsibility? Or is it just a product of interweaving? Is it just a selfish and demanding right? Is it just a kind of adjustment and recreation in loneliness? Is it just a kind of free spending? Is it just a kind of unequal treaty to let each other follow their own steps unconditionally, cooperate with their own and comfort their own hearts? no Excuse me, I can't agree with your claim, and I can't accept your "premise"! "I love you" is not a language game, not an art speech. "I love you", these three words are the expression of heart, the expression of love and the promise of spirit. It is not an attractive admission notice, nor an easy admission ticket. When you say these three words, it means that you will fulfill the promise of love and devote yourself to building the nest of love   "Hold your hand and grow old with your son.". How many ups and downs, how many tribulations a pair of people who fall in love with each other have to go through, but how warm and romantic they are. After holding the hand, before we grow old together, all happiness should be felt, tasted, shared and shared with each other. No matter the wind and rain, no matter the hardships, we should help each other, share weal and woe, wither the sea, die and live together. ——When you firmly believe that love is a sacred responsibility, can you not feel heavy and pressure? Love one life, heavy life - make a promise, witness one! If you feel that your life can't bear the weight of love; if you can't use your life to defend the declaration of love; if you can't use your shoulder to bear the responsibility of love; if you can't use your personality and self-discipline to fulfill the promise of love; if you can't use your love to support a clear sky for the one you love; if you don't have holiness and height The quality of Shang's love Then, don't say love easily, don't let the tide of love flood at will, don't wrap the most primitive instinct and selfishness of human beings in a beautiful appearance, to trample on and desecrate the holy and noble love. Otherwise, what you plant is just a seed of love, what you owe will be a huge debt! The romance and happiness that can only hang in the air forever will not let you entangle and suffer all your life, and will not let you reap eternal happiness.